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Celá zpráva Twitter Mgr. Petr Adam (*1982) 28.03.2022 Tune in for the Buzz with @ScottWLuton & special co-host Allison Giddens as they chat with @UPS VP of Global Freight Forwarding Ron Jordan. Find out the top 5 mega-trends in #freight, how the conflict in #Ukraine will impact the supply chain, and more!
Celá zpráva Twitter Mgr. Petr Adam (*1982) 25.03.2022 Join Polco and Colorado leaders at @downtowncolo's IN THE GAME conference in Colorado Springs on April 12! Learn how downtown Colorado communities transform roadblocks into promising opportunities, network with others, and hear from speakers with ideas on downtown solutions.
Celá zpráva Twitter Mgr. Petr Adam (*1982) 9.09.2021 Just posted a video
Celá zpráva Twitter Mgr. Petr Adam (*1982) 10.03.2022 Tune in to #EverydayWealth hosted by @soledadobrien and @JeanChatzky. Each week they’ll dive into important financial decisions, current events and market trends, and how these can affect your financial well-being. #FromHereForward
Celá zpráva Twitter Mgr. Petr Adam (*1982) 16.03.2022 Welcome to the new standard of software deployment! Split lets you release smarter, not harder, so you can deliver what your customers need—without affecting other releases. Reduce cycle time and experiment with minimal risk.

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08128952 FitCube s.r.o. Jiří Klimeš (*1991), Lukáš Pařenica (*1991), Lukáš Pařenica (*1991), Jiří Klimeš (*1991), Lukáš Pařenica (*1991), Jiří Klimeš (*1991),
05824044 Sdružení rodičů a přátel GJB Ivančice, z.s. Radomíra Kosíková (*1969), Dagmar Schweizer (*1965), Dagmar Schweizer (*1965),